1. Make a Polling Unit Machine (PUM Kiosk), that can issue and accept PVC and it’s not dependent on a particular Polling Units so you can vote from any Machine nearest to you.
  2. Slot in your PVC; accredit yourself by scanning your thumb or some sort of PIN, like the last 4 digits of the PVC-VIN.
  3. The PUM validates the PVC for single vote and then detect the PVC Polling Unit.
  4. Displays the Election menu for that day or possibly all elections on the same day.
  5. Displays the logo of all registered parties.
  6. You tap the logo of the party you intend to vote for and select your candidate.
  7. You get notified via sms/e-mail.
  8. INEC area agent get notified via sms/e-mail.
  9. The selected party’s vote increases by 1
  10. A general display of the total result as voters continues to vote sync on the portal.
  11. Once INEC shutdown voting, the machine displays its results.


  1. Collation Officers
  2. Returning Officers
  3. Armed Personnel
  4. Election materials (sensitive and non-sensitive)
  5. Lost of lives esp Corps Members and other citizens
  6. Ballot Boxes
  7. Burning of Ballot Boxes

Every PVC is registered to a Polling Unit and centralized, so if a Polling Unit Machine is hijacked or burnt, other polling unit machine can be used and PUM by dectecting the PVC.



  • Hahahaha, you wan make INEC sack all their electron trolls ni? This is very interesting, I hope our government will adopt this model.

  • Nice idea. But, what happens if someone decides to hijack the machines for manipulations by hacking into it? I would suggest a decentralized system where results are displayed real time ward level, then local government level.

  • Very nice technology. Real time is key. Security is most key to the success of the model. How do you intend to get the best form of security for this model against hacks, hijacks, manipulations, etc?

    ***Mind you, just like one educational portal I developed in the past if these Nigerian authorities can't manipulate the records for their personal gains, they won't buy into your technology. My educational portal had not one avenue to results and records manipulations so Adamu Adamu and co wrote it off. Northerners need certificates but won't go to school. If they can't manipulate votes...
    I wish you well in this. I like your technology too.

  • We will need more Armed Personnel and a sniper to shutdown intruders

  • that is true

  • Great... We need this seriously

  • It's achievable if our developer gurus ready to...

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