Check, Review and Give FeedBack

This is one of the project I did when I was learning vueJS.. Kindly review and give your FeedBack


  • Simple and cool, weldone

  • Thanks Boss

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    I had to check it out bro. Its so cool. I love that your Vue.JS coloration o:)

    Last month we built thast kind of tool and its serving Africans on the Waves blockchain. We built a telegram bot which helps Africans to track Waves price in local African currencies like Nigerian naira, SA Rands, Ghana Cedis, Kenyan shilling, Namibian Dollar and lots more.

    We have the converter API open source on github:
    Telegram Bot:

    We could build lots of decentralized stuffs for Africa while its early

    Looking at Libra (Facebook coin), it would make alot of positive impact especially for freelancers who work remotely.
    Lets make Africa great again!

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