Android RecyclerView made easy.

A view previously used to display data to a specific adapter position may be placed in a cache for later reuse to display same type of data again later.
This can drastically improve performance by skipping initial layout inflation or construction.
Implementing RecyclerView is fun ones

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my little function for multiplication of a number to any length.

def multiplier(a, b):
i =0
while b:
if i > b: break
print(a, 'x', i, '=', a*I)
i += 1

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What is PHP?

PHP is a very popular programming language that is best known for its role in web development.
It is a very powerful and a very popular language at the same time.

On this thread, I shall be describing strengths of PHP Programming language.

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How to track user activity usage time on Android App development.

Hello I will be sharing a nice tutorial on how to track user activity running time(staying activity on screen) without wasting much time keep start your android studio and create new project with any name of your choice.

We have to create a java variable on activity with name long i,j after doing t

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Things to consider as an android developer

I will be sharing some tips on android app development.

  1. Android app developer should always consider ram usage, most android app don't think far on how to reduce phone ram usage. Firstly what you should look into is ram usage of app because this annoy some app consumer, you should be able to cons

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JavaScript Enquiries

Good evening. I needed help on how I could get all this done.
Firstly, am an average HTML and CSS programmer aiming higher. I aimed at becoming App/Software/Web programmer.

My question is this; how can I learn JavaScript, how will I go about it, where to Start and aspect to focus on??

More also, c

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Ideal reading circle for beginner and intermediate JS devs

As we have noticed, JS is the state of the art and buzzing in the trend of programming. It has cut across every aspect of programming and me being a web developer (and a bit desktop thanks to JS) will advise every developer to be at least proficient in JS, it now has a wider application than it used

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NODE.JS Users, Please enter here!

I must say that NODE.JS is really amazing and brings out the best in the ERA of development.

The greatest challenge I have personally faced is hosting, as not every server can host it (unlike PHP/MySQL).

What are the challenges you have faced as a MEAN developer, and how did you overcome them?

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Best JAVAScript Tutorial For Starters?

What material would you recommend for a person just starting with javaScript?

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What Is The Best Way of Storing Data Inside Browser?

In the old developer's world, the main way of storing information in the browser is cookies.

Well, now in this ERA of HTML5, there are more than one ways of doing that.

For me, the last time I was really stranded, I built a mobile app running HTML in browser and needed browser storage, I did a qui

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How To Customize The HTML Form File Upload Element

Uploading is a very common task, in fact an almost daily task for seasoned website developers. However different browsers seem to have a very fixed way of displaying the form field element. This can be very acceptable in many cases, I specifically love the way google chrome displays its file upload.

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Internship Position At A Reputable Firm In Lagos

A company in Lagos are looking for an intern who will be working full time to maintain their web applications.

In order to apply for this position:

  • you must be conversant with web design
  • you must know how to use a content management system
  • you must have good communication skills

    Minimum Qualifica

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